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rag doll's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
rag doll

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[29 Sep 2004|10:56am]
[ mood | amazed ]

uh. William Shatner might be my new hero. The Shat, covering Common People by Pulp.

download it now. it might not be genius, but if it isn't. then i don't want to be either.

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my favorite word today [27 Sep 2004|05:15pm]
A swift, sudden military offensive, usually by combined air and mobile land forces.

v : fight a quick and surprising war

and Arcade Fire rock my body... check them out. oh Isaac, you may have competition
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[24 Sep 2004|10:02am]
ok. so whatsup with all the freaky freakies coming out of both friendster and my space. i pay zero attention to those anymore, and all of a sudden i am getting all sorts of requests from a shit storm of people. random bands, the chairperson of the Small Wonder fanclub (?), and lots and lots of asian folks from Korea, Phillipines, most of em about 19 or thereabouts. beats me... i don't list many interests and have not updated except to edit down even that small amout... whatevs.

secondly. i am sure it has made the rounds but www.chasedbycowboys.com. Go to: Directors > Nico Beyer > Pet Shop Boys.
It is like the cutest thing i have seen in a while, and makes me happy about being disgruntled in the officesphere.

aaaand Arcade Fire. lovin' em.
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making no promises [22 Sep 2004|09:53am]
blah blah di blah blah....

so. my head hurts today. i have had, on average, 2 or 3 drinks a day for about the last 12. and about half as much water as that. strangely though, my skin is glowing, and i feel less than bloated. must be like the French looking gorgeous for all that wine, a Wisconsin girl just responds to the "beer, its whats for dinner!" regime. funny that.

house: flooded up to my knee on Saturday morning, effectively ruining my weekend. literally, it was sprouting, cascading, shooting into the basement from 4 different locations. there really was no hope for sticking a finger in to stop the flow. it was hopeless. it rose at about an inch every 2 minutes, until it had reached over my knee. since my apartment was still in the construction phase, about 50% of my shit was affected and/or fucked. it was storm water, mixed with a little bit of sewage. there was no humor about it. it was 8:15 on a Saturday morning, i had yanked my yoga pants up to look like a full diaper, and was floating my plastic bins filled with my every worldly possession to my nelly house mates that came down to help bail out the place with designer stainless steel buckets. i was no humor/morning amanda. at one point Danny looked over at me while we were both holding up columns of bins that wanted to go swimming, and observed a box of tampons fanning out individually and expanding like slow motion popcorn. he wanted to laugh with me, i wanted to hit him. eventually we used my entire living room floor as a fall out shelter for flood victims. shoes over there, books are goners, the pillows in that corner, dry cleaning, and kitchen shit to wash. i had to wash every fucking thing that got even sort of splashed with it. so gross.

but that ended. we cleaned out the washer and dryer, which made it through, amazingly enough. and the boiler steamed off for about a half hour, making the entire house a sauna for about 3 hours, as we blazed heat on a 65 degree day. i drank a pot of coffee, and chain smoked my way through another day, forgetting that i had inconveniently quit 5 days prior.

in other news. my crank addict sister got expelled from art school. (Eric, "sending a drug addict to art school? isn't that like an alcoholic opening a bar?" yes. yes it is.) Xanax, pot and whipits, met up with her anti-whatever prescription, and she ends up in the hospital psych ward, and 12 hours later, out on her ass. good times, little Crank Jessie! good times! you keep making me look like the "good sister". fucking awesome.

the other sister, my favorite. yes, siblings can play favorites, hell, in my family, even the parents can and do. Regardless, my favorite, Mormon Megan, is getting married to a non-Mormon, non-christian, non-sober type. Even though up until the day before, literally less than 24 hours prior to THIS engagement, approximately September 1, she was engaged to a nice little mormon that was on mission somewhere. but then, the fire in her loins moved back to town, and said, "little darlin', be mine". she swoons. and now they are set to become one. IN JANUARY. IN WISCONSIN. for those of you not from anywhere near Wisconsin, it is fucking cold. cold, like where the fuck are my testicles? cold. aiiight? and in January, post holidays? fuck that. there are going to be like 4 people there. i feel for her, and her mormon libido, but duuuude. patience is a virture! did you not get that memo last Sunday? if you wait for spring, they will come. if you wait for summer, even more will come. but January? if you were not my favorite sister, I wouldn't come... my mother has been constantly consulting her therapist, aka. boxed Zinfandel, to get through this. she used alot of words like "empty" and "incredulous" when describing this "joyous event". i told her i suspected that baby jesus was crying somewhere, she laughed and that was all i could get out of her.

beyond that. still busy. I am helping design/decorate a girls bar in the LES for some friends. to be called The Girls Room, it will be pink in front, between Ridge and Attorney on Rivington.. Goth Chich interior, its gonna be cool. my new favorite band, Solid Gold, will be playing on October 10th. they are gonna be HUGE. they sound like Nirvana over a casio drum machine thingy. and for those of you that doubt my ability with this sort of thing? i would draw your attention to the Scissor Sisters, I was the first LJer to list them in my interests, and blah-blahed about them for a long time before they were on the Viacom/Clear Channel combined rotation and opening up for U2. so there.

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rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated [09 Jan 2004|05:21pm]
[ mood | punchy ]

so what can i say.

got hitched to a house, it is the funnest ever. got to paint walls, get drunk and smoke myself out until all hours with Sean formerly of the Toilet Boys. Darling, he simply makes the eyes hurt with his beauty. gentle and genuine, gorgeousness just pours right out of him. he ruined me for days.

but my house. rocks. my tenants are awesome. Patrick and Velcro, Dan and LauRenn. got stoned with Floor 4, red wine drunk with the third. i recommend getting wasted with your landlord, especially if she is ever me. it makes the decorating especially fun. red walls? SUUUUURRRRE!
Finally got to see television after 6 weeks of a break up. watched 2 episodes of the OC, back to back, thank you Keith for taping them for me, smoked a joint, and fell madly in love with my $15 TV, Adam Brody, the Fox network, my hands, tap water, honey roasted peanuts, clean sheets, and the world, all over again.

um. spent time with mom for the holidays.
we discovered that if we are drunk, and no one else in the family is, then they really don't exist. they just disappear. good trick.
and tough-loved my family into being scared stiff of me. It felt great. Bought about $400 worth of wares at every mexican or Catholic resale shop from West Chicago to Madison. to be sold at the Flea Markets this summer. Me, Jersey, Chrissy and Caroline. We will be the 4 cute brunettes with Lemonade, dancing to Fleetwood mac and selling awesome shit, cheap. my line will be called "Psycho Preppie" or something of the like. lots of fun odd things that make me think of ribbons in my hair in 1983 and Lincoln Logs. plaid oxfords and salmon colored leather shoulder bags, blue boat shoes and black pleated mini skirts, kelly green linen coats, red canvas shorts, and charm-like jewelry. come and visit me starting this Spring.

oh. and tried to quit my job yesterday. Fabien refused to accept my resignation. he wanted to "fight for me". i was shocked frankly. got a 50% raise. in the words of Seth Coen, it was ridonkalous. had to sit through 2 meetings hearing how i "got it" and that i am "better than the job i would be leaving him for" and he was "crazy about me", would buy me a G6, when they come out. floored was i. so, i am now an art director in training. it was nutso. but i am very happy. had to explain the bidding war to my potentially new employer, and he accepted it smoothly. so, strap me down, its gonna get a little bumpy.

Beyond that. nada. life as usual. single. sassy. here. there.
knocking down some walls this weekend. exposing some brick. all things very "manish". buying a fridge and a DVD player. its all good.

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omg [19 Nov 2003|10:38am]
i am completely in love with


this kid. The Superbowl is Gay is my new favoritist thing ever.
i love kids that are like "fuck it, i am going to geek this shit to the utmost of my abilities. and have so much fun"

love him.
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[17 Nov 2003|11:26am]
indie prick
you are either a record nerd or not a scenester at
all. you are the coolest of the bunch. bravo,

what type of lame scenester are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
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[13 Nov 2003|06:18pm]
and i just saw that ifuglycouldkill deleted her journal...

she was my biggest lj crush. goodbye, will miss you.
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[13 Nov 2003|06:17pm]
i own a house.
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live in my house [10 Nov 2003|10:58am]
all y'all, if you know any worthy applicants, forward them my email...


looking for tenants! we close this Thursday! i am in shock!
here is my beautiful baby.

the details....

Large 1+ bedroom in brownstone, 700+ sq. feet, hardwood floors, smaller extra room, pets negotiable, NO FEE, $1500 month. Available December 1. Require first month rent and security deposit. 8-10 blocks south of Park Slope. 3 short blocks to subway. Perfect for couple, great landlords in building.
Available to view Sunday, November 16.

this is just a copy/paste of my Craig's list post. but most of you know me, and know in New York, i am a dream landlord.
our place is going to kick such serious ass. we are putting in a full roof top garden, laundry in basement, a screen printing lab, exposing all the brick, and are going to continually be improving the shit out of the place.. it is my life goal to get it in NEST magazine.
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[28 Oct 2003|05:09pm]
as if it were even possible... i have even a bigger crush on my co-worker.

he pulled his hair back, brought in some music and a out-of-print photobook, Cowboy Kate, which is AMAZING, for me personally to look at.

me = smitten.

lawd lawd, help me lawd.
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har har [28 Oct 2003|12:21pm]
anything about fellatio and medical findings, and i think conspiracy by the "man"
literally the man.

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dude, the invisibles games.... rule. [24 Oct 2003|11:24am]
we are so addicts over here

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cause i am update a go-go [22 Oct 2003|05:58pm]

Hey, you're Bikini Kill Kathleen Hanna

Everyone love you...except Courtney Love. You are
unafraid of attacking stereotypes and as cheesy
as it sounds...you just want to rock. But you
want to tell the world what's wrong with it

Which Kathleen Hanna Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

and in case you have not seen this article: it is hilarious and educational, CASTOFFS AND CUTOUTS, 50 most common used CDs.

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[22 Oct 2003|02:15pm]
in fact, i am going to listen to George Michael all day.
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my love of McSweeney's is over powering me [22 Oct 2003|01:32pm]
i am over at McSweeney's, i am off LJ today. fuck this mope-fest.

the Elliot Smith storm that i am real sick of already.
i liked his music, he was a wicked talented songwriter. snuffed out like a fucking candle in the wind. oh no. talent ripped from our grasp.

OR, someone you didn't know killed themselves. someone who happened to sing real pretty songs about SUFFERING. whataya know. didn't see that one coming? huh. well then.

once you actually know someone that did commit suicide, tell me how you feel. otherwise, feel bad, rock back and forth fetal EMO style and shut up.
cause some of out there have actually grasped the cold hands, called the police, the parents, the friends, bought the flowers, the cigarettes, the drinks, the gas that couldn't take you far enough away from it all, and still had to suffer through the confusion in void they left behind.
and if you can share an experience like that with me. then share. otherwise don't wonder why they left you, this world, the pain, or better yet, YOUR SCENE or THE STAGE. they didn't leave you. they left themselves.

so McSweeney's:

in Sestinas:

These are pleasantries, yes, sweetness.
They're okay for those good enough,
at least decent good enough get-offs,
but the myriad pet names, clever and otherwise,
cutesy, dumb, or 'quaint and curious'—
the treble in your voice, turn it down.

here, cheer yourself up:

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jesus get outta my stomach [22 Oct 2003|01:18pm]
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feeling like a follower today [21 Oct 2003|12:37pm]
typefiend 62%
slim_hazard 51%
nearnorth 49%
twisttheknife 47%
lisamaria 42%
bashopoem 41%
marlowe1 39%
carbootsale 38%
ifuglycouldkill 36%
mhyk 35%
How sexually compatible with me are you?
Take the NEW sexual compatibility quiz at LJMatch!
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tut tut [14 Oct 2003|04:52pm]

i am Corey, and the ruler of Amanda's heart.
i look like a mean misplaced Irish farmer, but rock the torn t-shirt like no gay man before me, and have a smile that is responsible for melting the ice caps, global warming, yeah that was me. you would never know it, but i don't like boobies.

whhhyyyy? must he torment me with his rock star DJ prowess and stereotypical good boy underneath this bad boy persona.

i am not a stalker. i just found this on a flyer and needed to post it.
someday i promise to have a fully real, actual attainable crush that i can rant about.
in the mean time, my fantasies play out so nice nice.
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[14 Oct 2003|12:24pm]
Crazy on You, by Heart is perhaps my favorite song ever.

I never grow tired of it.
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